Shock Tilt  was born out of the seventies rock metal explosion.

The band was formed by Rolf Häggblom and Per Häggblom in the end of 1984.

The Häggblom brothers originated from Central Heat, a westcoast power house

band from Vasa, Finland who was making a name from themselves.

Shortly later Hasse Montin could be seen behind the drums.

A few months later the guitarist Hannu Rajala joined the band.


In the spring of 1985 Shock Tilt released a MLP called Night-Fight, with six tracks

About 250 copies of the album was printed and released.

On the back cover of the vinyl you can read the “artist”-names of the band members:


“Lee Green” – Drums (Hans Montin)

“Rallo Nity” – Bass (Rolf Häggblom)

“Nick Tilt” – Guitar and vocals (Per Häggblom)

“Jess Border” – Lead Guitar (Hannu Rajala)


These names were used only on this first album,

the band then dropped the “artist names” and used their real instead.


They established themselves as one of the premiere rockmetal bands

of their time in Finland


Shock Tilt  moved  to Sweden in August 1986


Whether you love or hate them, you can't deny  their place in hard rock music